Project Assets

Open and Needed Items for IOSA Website:

Elements to market:

1.  What are the most important elements to the site internally to IOSA?

2.  What do you feel is the most important part for non-members?

3.  What part of the site would you like to expand on or cut back on?


1.  Colors/Branding  -  theme colors approved?  Edits?

2.  Logo - treated logo going up shortly.


1.  Pages - what to keep, edit or remove - need more feedback.

2.  All text on pages should be updated. - Let's assign and Oil Scout or Tabitha to do this, that way there will be a dedicated person to take care of this. 

3.  Pages should be reviewed for relevance. - Need feedback, see #2, text to be added/edited on pages.

Photos / Images

1.  Photos need to be migrated from current site.  What photos?

2.  Larger Images needed for homepage and internal pages.  Give Tendenci photos from Oil Scouts or give ok on Stock Images.


1.  New sponsors logos needed - even a list will be ok, if you don't have the logos, we can look them up.

2.  How are sponsors tracked? Manual or Automated? - do they donate?  Is this yearly?  (we can set it up on Tendenci)


1.  Member applications online or manual (currently manual) - Need application.

2.  Need membership database.

1.  Sign up for an account - provide info to Tabitha.